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Buddha Tea Tulsi Ashwaganda CBD Tea

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5mg water soluble isolate CBD per sachet

15 sachets per pack

Ashwagandha is a native Indian 5,000 year old short, perennial shrub, whose Latin name (Withania somnifera) translates to “sleep-inducing.” Aptly, this pungent tasting herb is often prescribed to calm the nerves. It’s a known adaptogen. Adaptogens are known to help the body adapt to stress. Traditionally, ashwagandha has been used when children fail to thrive, or the elderly become weak and debilitated. Also known as Indian Ginseng, this miracle adaptogen simultaneously provides energy during the day, while helping you achieve a sound sleep at night. A plethora of conditions find relief with ashwagandha, including acting as a tonic to boost overall health and longevity.


Organic tulsi (holy basil), Organic rooibos, organic ashwagandha, Organic licorice root, organic broad-spectrum CBD,

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