Flora Sophia 700mg Raw Rosin Tincture

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Our Raw Hemp infusion is made with our non-decarboxylate hemp extract and only Organic Carrier oils. Because it is raw, this formulation is high in CBDA. This oil is full of flavonoids and terpenes and is unlike any other product we have seen on the market. There is a slight numbing in the throat - so take sublingually or ingest with food.


1 full dropper = 20mg CBDA

1/2 dropper = 10mg

1/4 dropper = 5mg


Organic MCT oil, organic hemp seed oil, raw hemp rosin


"I’m all for supporting my endocanabinoid system. But I’m not too thrilled with the faint solvent taste still in some products I’ve tried. I’d prefer a minimally processed raw product with all the natural synergistic components. Flora Sophia’s Raw checks all the boxes. I’m really enjoying the calmness this product delivers for me. Thank you! I love what y’all are doing and how you’re doing it!"


"This is the only product I have ever found that [helps my issue] in my hands. Thank you"


"The Full Spectrum Raw Hemp-Rosin Infusion is working much better than any of the other 3 CBD Oil tinctures brands I've tried. Thank goodness I listened to my Aunt and her recommendation to try Flora Sophia Botanicals."

-Mark B

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