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Ethanol Extracted

INGREDIENTS: Organic MCT oil (coconut), organic hemp seed oil, Raw hemp rosinAbout this tincture:

750+ mg cannabinoids | 700mg CBDA/CBD

serving size: .5ml - 1ml (20-40 drops) each .5 serving contains approximately 10mg of CBDA and a full spectrum of synergistic cannabinoids including: CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and <.3% THC

RAW hemp oil is slightly different from traditional hemp oil. This tincture is unique because it contains rosin that has not been touch by solvents or heat. The chemical structure of raw hemp oil is CBDA which is currently being researched and is thought to be extra anti-inflammatory as well as provide a bit of energy when consumed.

We love Flora Sophia and are proud to carry them for their dedication to nature and the simplicity of their hemp products. They are a seed-to-sale company meaning they overlook all aspects in the production of their products.

SHAKE WELL before use

Disclaimer: CBD is not FDA approved. Hempire LLC. cannot and does not make any claims about the products we carry. We do not claim CBD can or will heal or treat any an all conditions. Hempire LLC. cannot be held liable for the testimonies of our customers

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