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Earth Chakra Bath Bomb

🌏Earth ✨ chakrabathbomb

Listen to your heart and honor the connection to the hearts of others, allow the love not to only fill in your heart but also your bath! This bath bomb helps relieve tension and gets you in the mood for meditation or deep relaxation. We've carefully handcrafted a mixture of essential oils specific to balancing the heart chakra, and also have added a green aventurine in the center of each bomb to provide extra protection to the heart chakra. 💚

Neptune Chakra Bath Bomb

Neptune our 5th Chakra Bath Bomb 🛀 Soak in a soothing Infused bath with Eucalyptus and a tumbled Blue Obsidian ✨🌊 This bath is the ultimate treatment for relieving any inflammation or tension you may be experiencing. Minty aroma with eucalptus, peppermint, rosemary and hyssop will help clear your throat and to breath easier while blue Obsidian assists in releasing any negative energy and helps with communication and inspiration. Water is the element for this stone so this bath bombs can be particularly effective🌊✨

Mars Chakra Bath Bomb

-Mars bathbomb will help balance your Sacral Chakra with this sweet Floral citrus blend aroma. This calming and comforting blend will help balance the female/male energies. Using carnelian to infuse your bath water will help maintain healthy emotional needs. Water is the element associated with this chakra so this bath bomb can be particularly effective. ✨🛀🔥

Jupiter Chakra Bath Bomb

Jupiter 🌌6th chakra The Third Eye ✨ Invigorating Rosemary & Lavender opens your senses to see clearer and helps balance this chakra by relieving head, eye and sinus problems. 👀 Relax in this infused Rosemary/Lavender and a sodalite Stone 🛀 to help improve your concentration, focus & opens the third eye to your intuitive senses. Find inner peace, let go of stress and calm feelings of frustration.

Sun Chakra Bathbomb

Sun-☀️ Balance your solar plexus - 3rd Chakra with this uplifting citrus blend of essential oils. Bathing with citrine stones will help to balance & align mental clarity and personal power. Citrine brings hope, success and eliminates negative energies.

Uranus Chakra Bath Bomb

💜🌹7th Chakra bath bomb The crown ✨With a cleansing and purifying aromatic floral blend 🌹Have a blissful bath with Lavender oil & Amethyst and imagine feeling completely at harmony with your higher consciousness. 💆✨ Balancing this chakra is important when you realize your emotions need to be transformed focus on the energy surrounding you to channel the strength to make change. ✨🛀These bombs moisturize and soften the skin. They create a champagne effect (fizz) in your bathtub releasing aromatic essential oils for a soothing and healing soak No SLS NO Dyes No Fragrance Oils

Saturn Chakra BathBomb

Saturn bathbomb will help balance your Root Chakra with this warm, earthy grounding blend of essential oils 🔥🌎🌱 As the bath ends it's fizz a Red Jasper tumbled stone will infuse your bath water with positive vibrations that travel throughout the water and seep into your skin. Red Jasper alleviates stress and helps reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilizing the aura👌

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