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Hempire is a hemp boutique originally founded in 2017 by the Mastrangelo family of North Shore, MA. As the first CBD retail shop established in The Merrimack Valley/Essex County, Hempire soon made a name for itself. While the company grew to serve four different central communities throughout MA and NH it remains a small business through and through.

The first Hempire location was established in Methuen in 2017. The two founding business partners, Kirby and Rocco Mastrangelo, were a married couple who took a leap of faith in order to serve their communities more and to live out their passions. More than anything the Mastrangelos wanted to help people and that, they did. When the first Hempire brick and mortar opened its doors they started serving their community by the masses. Business grew quickly and Hempire branched out into 3 more retail store locations - first Amesbury, MA, second, Portsmouth, NH, and last but not least, Exeter, NH. Unfortunately as of November 2020 the changing climate forced Hempire to step away from its Methuen location so that more resources can be focused on the remaining three shops. Thanks to everyone who's joined us on this wild ride.

As CBD becomes more and more popular, it's important that we remain extremely well informed about what we are actually getting when we make our purchases. Here at Hempire we are well aware of what makes a high quality product and which products companies make just for profit. Here at Hempire we source our inventory from select companies that we know we can trust. We do the research and we form the relationships with companies so you don't have to. Each product we carry is free of all heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides - all proven by third party lab tests. At Hempire we carry nothing but the best, so purchase your product from a place you can trust.