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Flora Sophia 1800mg Tincture

Full Spectrum
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This 2100mg (total cannabinoid) Hemp Extract is our highest strength product. Each ml contains ~70mg of cannabinoids, 60mg of which are from CBD. Each bottle contains 2.7 grams of our highest quality,


1 full dropper = 60mg

1/2 dropper = 30mg

1/4 dropper = 15mg

Ingredients: Full Spectrum, ethanol extracted FECO oil, blended into organic MCT and organic hemp seed oil.


"At this point, I’ve tried several different brands and types of CBD oil, from some of the cheapest to the most expensive available. There isn’t a brand that comes close. Period. In such a saturated and widely unregulated market, cutting through all the noise can be a complex task — made all the more easy by offering a product that is simple, effective, and powerfully therapeutic. No gimmicks, extra (often unnecessary) ingredients, or flashy packaging here — the product speaks for itself, and you won’t regret the purchase. Thank you for being my go-to brand for CBD."


"This 2100 is a life saver. It goes great with the Raw and Glycerin. I am able to do so much more now. Thank you for all your work, It is really helping people like me."


"It helps me relax and able to go to sleep. I love it."

-Terri D.

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